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New Beginnings for Preteens
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AG Center for the Blind
1445 N Boonville Ave
Springfield, MO 65802
Phone: 715-258-2713



Adriene Resource Center For Blind Children

In 1995, Paul received a call from a Missionettes coordinator in Kansas City, MO requesting Missionettes material for a Blind girl who wanted to do the Honor Star work. Paul began to work on putting the STARS handbook in Braille. When she received her first volumes and also the New Testament, she was given an opportunity to read from her very own Braille Bible for the first time at her church Sheffield Assembly of God. This significant event moved everyone to tears.

Adriene was born with an extremely rare genetic condition (only 40-50 known cases in the history of the human race).

Adriene is a vivacious young lady who is realistic about her Blindness and does not let it, or the misconceptions of others, determine who she is. She is talented, independent, a hard worker and enjoys life. Her love for God is her inspiration in life and for personal development.

(Read Adriene's story in the Pentecostal Evangel article, "Through eyes of faith.")

In September of 1999, Paul and Caryl began the Adriene Resource Center for Blind Children to help fill the worldwide void in Christian literature for Blind children. Our priority is to produce quality and creative materials in large print, books on cassette, Braille, Twin vision & tactile graphics with state of the art technology. Many books have been recorded on cassette. Braille embossed and twin vision books with tactile graphics are currently being developed. The book lending library is now available (registration required). Sunday school literature, periodicals and devotional materials for children are available now.