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AG Center for the Blind
1445 N Boonville Ave
Springfield, MO 65802
Phone: 715-258-2713



Whitney Library for the Blind

The Whitney Library for the Blind is the lending library of the Assemblies of God Center for the Blind (registration is required). The library includes Sunday school quarterlies, Christian periodicals, devotional literature, Braille and Cassette books. Certificate level courses of Berean University are also available to registered students of Berean University.

Mildred Whitney began transcribing literature into Braille after God gave her the burden for the Blind in 1949, even though she didn't know any Blind persons.

It happened while sitting in a church service, then suddenly, for no apparent reason Mildred Whitney was blinded. Looking down at the Bible, she could not read it. She realized this was the work of the Holy Spirit. For an hour God dealt with her, showing her as she describes, "what it would be like to not be able to read His precious Word". She enrolled in Hadley school for the Blind and on her own started to punch out every dot by hand with a slate and stylus. She would then lacquer the back side of each sheet to harden the pages, her husband would put them in wooden frames to dry, before she would run them through her washing machine ringer, thus producing multiple copies of Christian literature. Mildred Whitney continued her involvement in this ministry to the blind until her death in June 1994. The library was then named in her honor.